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Last week I was asked, “What is the best workout for me to do to lose weight and get in shape?”  I have been asked that question so many times over the years.  I have one answer for everyone, regardless their size or fitness level,  “What do you enjoy?”  I also ask, “What do you like?” If still there is no obvious answer then it is, “Ok, what do you dislike least?”

Perhaps you don’t like any impact at all, maybe you cannot stand stationary cardio equipment, do you strongly dislike the health club scene?  Have you had an injury that has sidelined you?  Maybe you have bad knees, a hip injury, a frozen shoulder, neck, back, foot, oh my, the list goes on and on doesn’t it?

I have always looked at obstacles to my fitness and that of my clients as something solvable.  Just think over, under around and through.  Some way there is a way.

Back to the question of the best form of exercise, the answer is as individual as you are.  What do you like or dislike least.  What will not cause harm to you if you have pre-existing injuries?  If you can find things that your mind can enjoy or at least tolerate and that don’t cause injury you are more likely to participate in that activity with consistency and that is your best form of exercise to get fit and stay fit.

Check out our Sculpt Tulsa class schedule and maybe you will find your next best workout.  We put together this survey to check in with our clients, we are constantly refining our fitness path.  Check it out and give us your feedback!  If our group classes don’t meet your needs, send us an email and we can schedule you for some personal training.  One thing is for sure, the best way be fit is to keep moving!

Survey link:  goo.gl/q6EBSv

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