GOING through the motions or GETTING results?

You spend your time and you spend your money, are you bringing home the results?  Hopefully your workout brings you more than physical results, after all you create a routine, socialize with friends, make new friends, perhaps even network.  But let’s face it, the reason most of us work out at all is for at least some physical results. Have you tried explaining barre to someone who has not ever done it?  They have no idea how challenging it is and how hard you work when it hurts and when one more set seems like forever.  If you are reading this, chances are you are one of the ones taking yourself to shaking legs and quivering glutes.

Let’s at least make sure you get what you came for!

Dissecting the posterior, the gluteal region:  The glutes are made up of of superficial and deep muscles.  We are only going to talk about the superficial ones.  The gluteus maximus, this is the largest muscle and gives your butt much of its shape.  More importantly, it’s what is used when you stand up out of a squat or from a chair.  It is what is used when you push your leg behind you when you run.  It extends the hip.  The glute medius is at an angle lying more to the lateral side and acts to rotate your thigh and abduct your leg away from your body.  The glute minimus lies beneath and functions similarly. One other muscle of note here is the TFL (Tensor Fascia Lateralis) this muscle is about where the pocket of your sweatpants would be and inserts into the much maligned IT Band (Ilio Tibial Band).

When any one of those muscles is out of balance another will compensate and before long you will have pain.

Check out our barre classes and make note of the muscles you are using.  Make sure you feel the activation in the right spot.  If you have questions… sign up for our Sculpt Skills Intensive, All about the butt!

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