Keep up with change of season!

Whether you call it Fall or Autumn, the season is here, shorter days, cool temperatures, crisp air, football, Halloween, and all the nostalgia of this time of year.  Changing seasons are a good time to evaluate, make changes, maybe break the routine.  We’ve added a couple things at the studio to help you mix up your workout, get to know your fellow members, shake up your workout and clean out your closet while helping others.

Join me at 8:30 on Monday mornings thru Thanksgiving, for a brisk walk from the Brookside studio.  You can add some jog/runs if you like or walk and talk with us.  Stay for the 9:30 Barre class if your schedule allows. This Monday we logged over 4600 steps on our 40 minute walk!  It’s a great way to kick off the week.

Try TRX!  Is it too intimidating?  Check out the new TRX Form and Foundation class just added, Thursdays at noon!  This class is 45 minutes of everything you ever wanted to know about TRX and no one will be overwhelmed or left behind!  If you’ve been doing TRX, maybe you need a form refresher!  TRX compliments the barre workouts you already get.  While we still focus on alignment, form and posture, by changing your range of motion and intensity you confuse your very smart muscles.  Confused muscles have to work harder, translation – better results for you!

The trees are dropping their leaves that were, so “last season.”  Maybe you have some “last season” (or like me, last decade) fitness apparel that you can drop?  Fall is a great time to let go, physically and mentally.  Look for our donation boxes in the studio and drop your gently used fitness apparel.  Family and Children’s Services has a home for it with their Women in Recovery program.  These women are adding a regimen of exercise to their recovery, let’s help them!

I hope to see you at 8:30 on Mondays through Thanksgiving or at our new TRX class on Thursdays!

Happy Fall, happy Autumn, happy new season!

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