Fall Fitness Challenge!

Does anyone else choose Fall as their favorite season?  Do we choose the season or does the season choose us?  Growing up in New England may have something to do with it for me.  Changing leaves turning red, gold and orange, rustling in the trees as they dry into stiff parchment.  Then floating to the ground and drifting across, lawns, streets, sidewalks and filling the air with an earthy yet fresh scent as they are crunched underfoot.

I remember jumping into leaf piles taller than me.  The changing leaves, the cooler temperatures and the crispier drier air, these all make me love Fall.  With less summer heat I feel more energized and ready to go for a run or a bike ride.  I don’t feel so tired from simple tasks like traipsing across a steaming parking lot of hot cars to go to the grocery store.  Fall brings a respite from the extra fatigue that comes with 100 plus degree temperatures and 90% humidity.  Perhaps that’s one of my love’s of Tulsa, the similarity to New England with our big trees and rolling hills.  I must add that in 20 years of Tulsa I have never experienced such a mild and wonderful summer!!

Crisper cooler temperatures, kids back in school, what a great time to think about ramping up the fitness!  There is no denying that with the arrival of Fall comes the beginning of the holiday season, with parties, comfort foods and celebrations.  How about if instead of letting this time of socializing cause us to gain weight if we went into it with a renewed vigor and commitment to fitness?

It is true that you cannot out train a bad diet, trading exercise for overeating will never bring success in fitness.  However, investing time and effort in fitness will increase calories burned as well as bring an overall feeling of of wellness and success that will make it easier to make good nutritional choices on both what we eat…. and just as important, how much.

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