History of Barre Class Workouts

The origins of barre workouts began in 1959 with a German ballet dancer named Lotte Berk. After sustaining a back injury and spending time rehabbing, she had the idea to combine her ballet barre work with her rehab exercises. The work was so effective she began teaching others and you could say the rest is a long, lean, elevated history.

Many of Lotte’s students became teachers themselves, the practice grew and traveled arriving in the U.S. on the East coast and later expanding to the West. What was originally the “Lotte Berk Method” provided participants amazing results and attracted women of all walks, notably actresses, models and celebrities fortunate enough to live in NY and have the method available. Later came “The Bar Method,” today there are dozens of variations on the theme.

The main original ingredients are small deep muscular movements done repetitively working specific muscle groups to near failure. Special attention is paid to the legs, seat and abs. Stretching sequences are interspersed throughout this intense workout.

Find a Barre Class or TRX Basic Training Class that fits your schedule!

Sculpt Barre Class

  • Yoga/Pilates attire
  • No socks or shoes needed
  • Ages 14 and up are welcome
  • Guys, you are welcome also

As with all exercise programs, please consult with your doctor before beginning a workout regimen and please advise your instructor of any considerations or needed modifications.

Sculpt barre classes are a blend of pilates and ballet barre work.

Using small sometimes barely perceptible movements we achieve very perceptible results. This class is a head to toe workout that sculpts a long, strong, lean physique.

Sculpt barre classes target and activate muscle fibers that have been minimally called upon even with other vigorous workouts. Using isometrics, high repetition, and working to muscle failure we acheive results that are changing our clients shapes.

This 60 minute class is a full body workout. Although it is intense and will have you shaking at the barre we keep our studio comfortably cool so you can easily continute on with your day.

TRX Basic Training

  • Athletic footwear suggested
  • Classes are 45 minutes unless otherwise specified.

These classes use gravity and your own body weight to build strength, power, balance, coordination, flexibility, core and joint stability, all while preventing injuries, and increasing bone density. TRX Suspension straps hang from the ceiling, allowing a full body workout that can accommodate all levels.

Every exercise you do, from a bicep curl to a chest fly, will engage your core. TRX Suspension training is all core all the time. These classes are 45 minutes and are appropriate for all levels.